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Do you want to know more about your weight and health?

Body composition analysis is essential to completely understanding your health and weight. Traditional methods of assessing health, such as Body Mass Index (BMI), can be misleading and inaccurate and standard bathroom scales can only provide a reading of your total bodyweight.

Why get a body scan?

Total body weight alone is not a clear indication of a person’s overall health as it does not distinguish the amount of fat or lean mass the body is fundamentally comprised of.

The InBody 370S goes beyond weight and measures how much lean mass you have in each body segment. With these values, you can monitor how your body is adjusting over time to dietary changes, fitness routines and lifestyle modifications.

The InBody 370S uses 15 impedance measurements, by using 3 different frequencies to measure the 5 segments of the body. This provides over 30 parameters specific to body composition.

InBody 370S Scan Brisbane
Our InBody 370S is a highly efficient and precise device.

From your InBody Scan at Extreme Physique Personal Training, you will receive specific information detailing YOUR:

InBody Scan Body Fat Mass

Body Fat Mass

How many kilograms of fat you have on your body, a Segmental Fat Analysis for each region of your body, and total Body Fat Percentage.

InBody Scan Muscle Mass

Muscle Mass

The number of kilograms of Skeletal Muscle Mass you have and segmental analysis of muscle within each region of your body to determine any imbalances.

InBody Scan Visceral Adipose Tissue

Visceral Adipose Tissue

The potentially dangerous fat surrounding your internal organs within your abdomen.

InBody Scan Bone Density

Bone Mineral Density

An indirect link to osteoporosis. High mineral content generally indicates a higher bone density and strength.

InBody Scan Metabolic Rate

Estimated Basal Metabolic Rate

Energy required to maintain your body processes at rest, excellent information for setting dietary and health goals.

Quick, Non-Intrusive and Highly Accurate

Individual Scan + Report / Results Analysis – 1 scan $40, 2 x scans $70

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