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8 Week Health & Wellness Program

Our 8 Week Health & Wellness Program is a great way to focus on your health and fitness goals. The program makes make sure you remain consistent with your exercise whilst also being accountable to your trainer with your nutrition. This comprehensive program will help make you feel better, lose weight, increase your energy, improve your flexibility and overall quality of health.


The 8 week program includes:

  • Health Assessment / Goal Setting Session

    We take the time to understand your lifestyle, past and present exercise activities, injuries and medical conditions. We will also establish your health & fitness goals and plan your training routine so that it fits into your lifestyle..

  • Inbody Scan & Results Analysis

    Our Inbody Scan will give you meaningful data to track your body composition. Quick, non intrusive and highly accurate the data will help to establish an accurate baseline prior to your new program.

    Remember there is no pass or fail with the scan, this is just your starting point.

  • 24 x 40min Personal Training Sessions

    Increase your strength & cardiovascular fitness during these personalised training sessions. Your trainer will always keep you motivated and ensure you are getting the most out of your training sessions.

  • Nutrition Guidance

    Good nutrition is key to your performance and overall health. We provide nutritional guidance throughout to make it easy for you to understand what your body needs to make you feel energised and nourished.

    We have several online resources to ensure you are consuming the correct amount of calories, proteins, fats & carbs which is critical to helping you reach your goals.

  • Final Inbody Scan & Results Analysis

    This is the exciting part where we can accurately compare your initial and final body composition data to assess the progress you have made.

  • Start your journey now and in 8 weeks you will be amazed with your results. Call today to get started and book your first session.

    All that is missing is you, so don’t keep putting it off – start today.

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